NirvSystem (“we”, “our”) is a cloud-based onboarding and credential management solution (“Service”, “Services”), used to register organizational Users (staff, learners, volunteers, etc.) as part of a compliance process. Some Registration Requirements are stored in a Digital Walletwhich carry cryptographically signed, tamper-proof, immutable, and independently verifiable certificate (“credential”). No information about you, your registration, or your credentials are ever shared, except to the original issuer of your credentials, and individuals or organizations to which you consent to share your credentials.


Certain User Information (Name, Email, Profession, Discipline) is transmitted to us via your organization solely for the purposes of performing the service and is not used for any other purpose.

  • 1. Personal Information, as required by your organizations:
    • a. Name
    • b. Email Addresses
    • c. Home and Mailing Address
    • d. Emergency Contacts
  • 2. Registration Documents, as required by your organization:
    • a. Signed Agreements and Policies
    • b. eModule Certificates of Completion
    • c. Any Uploaded Forms or other Documentation
  • 3. Digital Wallet:
    • a. Credentials and the related attachments are stored in NirvSystem
    • b. Credentials are not shared publicly but can be verified via the NirvSystem Verification Page by anybody who has the link to the credential and access to internet
  • 4. Communications, required for troubleshooting:
    • a. Emails sent via NirvSystem by the system or by Administrative users of the system
    • b. Failed or successful login history, including IP addresses


  • We do not use information about you or your Requirement Documentation for any purpose other than fulfilling the Registration Requirements as outlined by your organizational compliance processes.
  • We do not ask or collect information from you other than those required to serve your registration needs.


  • When you link your NirvSystem accounts between organizations, your credentials are defaulted to be shared automatically.
  • You can opt-out of the sharing specific or all credentials by logging in the wallet section of NirvSystem and disabling the sharing option for each credential.